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Energy and Climate

In the Energy and Climate (E&C) area we work to innovate towards ‘prosperity with minimal resources and no emissions', integrating future trends on climate change impacts, massive digitalization and ‘glocal’ cultural heritage. The study of emerging local/hyper-local energy and food production/consumption systems based on shared resources & services and circular models, yet interconnected with the global sphere, is also part of our research. Some of our global level questions are ´how wild cards techs impact long-term prospective assessments’ and ‘what are the technological limits of efficiency’ key for carbon neutral systems. E&C research aims ensuring a future where living with minimum resources and no emissions, while caring about other sustainability goals (e.g., prosperity, equity), is possible. The Open E&C Initiative is developed with ASHOKA to increase social impact, making available data & knowledge on households’ energy consumption and on energy & food systems climate risks. E&C shares knowledge to support decision-making, boost market innovation and resilience skills.