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CENSE is the research branch of a wider organization including researchers, students and staff from the NOVA School of Science and Technology of NOVA University Lisbon, plus a number of affiliated organizations, including University of Algarve.

CENSE’s ecosystem is formed by its researchers, former students and the extended network of research partners around the World, its spin-offs, and professional support services. CENSE members are actively engaged in strengthening the Centre’s role at the frontier of sustainability research, namely through participation of its members in governance bodies of scientific societies, editorial boards and associate editorship of scientific journals, collaboration in scientific networks, expert committees and project evaluation panels, and international consortia of R&D projects financed through competitive calls (e.g., Horizon Europe, INTERREG, ERASMUS+ and LIFE, among others).

CENSE researchers have also established robust links with policy and societal organizations. For example, CENSE members participate regularly in relevant national and EU policy processes, coordinating studies or integrating policy support committees, panels or advisory boards in its core research areas. Through initiatives such as EIT Climate-KIC, CENSE has been branching out to the market, promoting innovation activities and new start-ups.  

CENSE has also been promoting place-based initiatives fostering scientific and technological culture, such as the Care-full Sustainability Campus Days, showcasing CENSE’s approach to community-centred learning spaces for sustainability transformations.