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New project @ CENSE: PrioritEE4MED


PrioritEE4MED - Transferring the PrioritEE Decision Support Tool to public authorities in the MED area

Coordinator at CENSE: João Pedro Gouveia

PrioritEE4MED project is funded by INTERREG MED and it will be developed until mid-2022.

Public Buildings (PBs) represent 10% of the overall building stock, due to their specificities they consume large amounts of energy with associated GHGs emissions. Although PBs' renovation is strategic to achieve a carbon-free economy as foreseen by the EU Green Deal, this is hampered by insufficient competences of public authorities, knowledge on measures and lack of financial resources.

PrioritEE4MED aims to capitalize on the experience of the PrioritEE project and improve, through transnational cooperation, the capacities of public authorities in the energy management of PBs and in local sustainable energy planning. It will favour the use of analytical tools for informed decisions and the promotion of replicable technical solutions in different MED territories. The features of the PrioritEE Decision Support Tool (DST) will be further improved to facilitate its application among different governmental levels (e.g. municipalities, energy agencies, public institutions) and support local action plans (e.g. SECAP). A structured training and transferring process based on the DST will improve the skills of municipal staff and technicians to reduce energy consumption, improve thermal comfort in the PB stock and select the buildings on which it is economically viable and environmentally sound to intervene. Key local actors will support the transferring process through a multi-level communication and contribute to the definition of recommendations for local strategies and plans.

Stay tuned!