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Our Vision

CENSE is guided by the overarching research question:


‘How can knowledge about the functioning of environmental and human systems be improved and used to inspire technological and social innovations for sustainability?’. 


Our activities follow five core principles:

a) Value commitment to work for a sustainable future;
b) Inter- and transdisciplinary research, focused on problem areas and integrating knowledge across disciplines and with non-academic stakeholders to address societal challenges;
c) Methodological pluralism;
d) Freedom of research;
e) Promotion of a science-in-society approach.

CENSE’s vision was collaboratively crafted by our team in a strategic foresight process, setting our future organisational trajectory:

"In 2035 CENSE is a centre for excellence on inter-  and transdisciplinary research and advanced education in sustainability. In an atmosphere of collaboration and freedom to innovate, we explore new pathways for building a sustainable society. As a scientifically acknowledged centre, it integrates international and national networks, in a vibrant environment that attracts engaged students and researchers. CENSE produces knowledge that informs decisions, co-creating novel approaches and solutions to societal challenges, through science that makes a difference".

To achieve this vision, CENSE aims to display a unique level of originality, quality and passion in all its activities, capturing the imagination of researchers worldwide. This goal will be achieved by pursuing our theory of change pathways, where the impact of research will be fostered by co-creation with society. We plan to translate our thought leadership in societal programs with local and global impact. CENSE will also continue to be a major force in developing start-ups for the global market.