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Advanced Training

CENSE is involved in multiple advanced training initiatives, including teaching in MSc Programmes (6 national, 2 European and 1 Spanish), PhD programmes (4 national), Post-grad programmes (e.g. NOVA/EPAL’s Water Technologies and Management) and international Summer Schools. Since 2013, over 350 MSc and 80 PhD students finished their degrees under the supervision of CENSE researchers.  CENSE coordinated the Climate-KIC initiative in Portugal, which aimed to develop new startups in the climate and sustainability areas and is part of the EIT Raw Materials. CENSE is also a key element of the EXPLORA initiative at NOVA, which will stimulate students to develop new ideas for products, and then prototype, communicate and crowdfund them.


MSc programs:


•    Mestrado Integrado em Engenharia do Ambiente [Integrated MSc Programme in Environment Engineering]. NOVA FCT. More information:
•    Mestrado em Urbanismo Sustentável e Ordenamento do Território MSc Programme in Sustainable Urbanism and Land Management]. NOVA FCT. More information:
•   Mestrado em Engenharia de Energias Renováveis [MSc Programme in Renewable Energy], NOVA FCT. More information:
•   Mestrado em Recursos Vivos Marinhos: Ciência, Tecnologia e Sociedade [MSc Programme in Marine Living Resources: Science, Technology and Society], NOVA FCT. More information:
•   Mestrado em Cidadania Ambiental e Participação [MSc Programme in Environmental Citzenship and Participation]. Universidade Aberta. More information at:
•   Mestrado em Bioestatística e Biometria. [MSc Programme in Biostatistics and Biometry]. Universidade Aberta. More information:



•    European Master in System Dynamics. International Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Programme with Radboud University Nijmegen (NL) (coord.), University of Bergen (Norway), University of Palermo (Italy), and NOVA University Lisbon. More information:
•    Urban Climate and Sustainability. International Erasmus Mundus Joint Master of Science Programme. More information:


Other countries

•    Official Master in Environmental Technology, Andaluzia Internacional University (UNIA), Spain. More information:

PhD programs

•    Programa de Doutoramento em Ambiente e Sustentabilidade (PDAS) [PhD Programme in Environment and Sustainability]. NOVA-FCT. More information:
•    Programa Doutoral em Alterações Climáticas e Políticas de Desenvolvimento Sustentável (PDACPDS) [PhD Programme in Climate Change and Sustainable Development Policies]. University of Lisbon (FC-Science College, ICS – Institute for Social Sciences) and NOVA-FCT. More information:
•    Programa de Doutoramento em Estudos sobre a Globalização (PDEG) [PhD Programme in Globalisation Studies]. Coordination NOVA University (FCSH - Social and Humanities Sciences College), Other NOVA Law College, NOVA School of Business and Economics, NOVA Institute for Hyigiene and Tropical Medicine, IPRI -Portuguese Institute for International Relations, IHC – Institute for Modern History, CENSE. More information:
•    Doutoramento em Sustentabilidade Social e Desenvolvimento (DSSD) [PhD in Social Sustainability and Development]. Universidade Aberta. More information