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CENSE After Lunch Talk, September 27, 13h30

"The hidden language of terrestrial ecosystems", with Sofia Branco.

Terrestrial ecosystems are complex webs of life, where vital multitrophic interactions flourish. This complexity is partly driven by a hidden chemical language, by which organisms emit a chemical substance or a chemical mixture that elicit in their receivers behavioral or physiological changes.

These chemical substances are known as semiochemicals (from the Greek σημεῖον (semeion), meaning "signal"), and we will take a glimpse on how they are used by some taxa.

When it comes to insects, decoding the language of these signals allows the development of new environmentally friendly monitoring and control strategies to be used in integrated pest management.

In this context, recent work carried out at the Resolution Lab on three important forest pests will be discussed: Gonipterus platensis, the eucalyptus weevil; Leptoglossus occidentalis, the western conifer bug and Coreobus undatus, know as “cobrilha”, a wood borer that causes serious economic losses to the cork oak industry.

If you cannot attend in person, the talk will also be streamed here: