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CENSE After Lunch Talk, October 31, 13h30

"Exploring the Nexus of Energy Transitions and Sustainable Food Systems”, with Joana Portugal Pereira.

In this seminar, we journey through the interactions between energy transitions and sustainable food systems. We'll explore the urgency of reducing greenhouse gas emissions in both energy and agriculture sectors and how changes in energy affect food production and consumption.
Our discussion will extend beyond examining the global climate implications of various food sources. We will also explore diverse strategies to mitigate these effects, enhancing the resilience of low- carbon food supply chains. This seminar will reveal ways in which energy transitions are actively shaping the ways we produce, distribute and consume foods. Through process-based integrated assessment and sectorial modelling, we'll outline paths to a more sustainable food supply. Join us to bridge the gap between energy and agriculture, gaining a comprehensive view of opportunities and challenges at their intersection.

If you cannot attend in person, the talk will also be streamed here: