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CENSE After Lunch Talk, March 6, 14h00

"Fostering Sustainability in Water Management: From Innovative Treatment Approaches to Citizen Science Programs”, with CENSE member Vânia Sousa.

Within the realm of sustainable water management, this talk will focus on two key pillars: the development of innovative treatment approaches and the engagement of stakeholders and citizens in the co-development of new strategies. We will explore the urgency of cutting-edge water treatment processes, integrating state-of-the-art technological solutions with nature-derived approaches to enhance efficiency while minimizing environmental impact. Our discussion will extend beyond the laboratory into the community. Through citizen science programs, communities are engaged in data collection, fostering awareness and empowerment, and providing in-depth learning opportunities. This interdisciplinary approach establishes a foundation for community-driven water sustainability. Join us in reshaping the future of water management through innovation and collaboration.

The talk will also be streamed here: