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CENSE After-Lunch Talk, 24th May 2023

"Exploring the synergies between learning for sustainability and well-being" with Antje Disterheft.

What do the Happiness Report 2023 and the IPCC’s 6th Assessment Report have in common?

These two reports were both published during March 2023 and highlight the link between human and planetary well-being: Human well-being depends on healthy ecosystems and the vitality of the planet, while planetary well-being requires reversing anthropogenic environmental change and needs human’s capacities to drive this change. 

Following the Council of the European Union’s Recommendation on learning for the green transition and sustainable development and the attempts to prepare European learning institutions for better addressing the objectives of the European New Green Deal, Antje Disterheft was asked by the European Commission to prepare an adhoc paper on the synergies between learning for sustainability and well-being.

In this After Lunch Talk (at 14:00, Room 452, Ed. Departamental FCT NOVA), Antje will summarize her findings of this adhoc paper and invite to discuss what these can mean for our teaching and researching practices.

The talk will also be streamed online here: