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Carolina Mello


Carolina is a biologist that considers her profession a mission of life. She has a background as a biology teacher in Brazil, and her Master's project was on environmental education for nature’s conservation. Besides the academic development, her project culminated in an “environmental game”, which brought the opportunity for raising awareness about the socio-economic-environmental issues of an important ecosystem in Rio de Janeiro. Carolina is enthusiastic about making the connections between science and society, also through the lenses of deep ecology that see every living being as part of one system.
She is now doing her PhD in Environmental and Sustainability at CENSE, NOVA School of Science and Technology, supervised by Dr. Antje Disterheft, and conducting her research related to sustainable wellbeing in higher education institutions. Her research aims to rethink HEI structures and foster holistic forms of teaching and learning that can help to increase personal and planetary wellbeing.