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Yone Gomes


Yone Macedo Gomes is a communicator and specialist in organizational sustainability. She founded the ESG Working and Research Group (GTP-ESG), which aims to develop the exchange of knowledge between Portugal and Brazil in the field of sustainability. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Social Communication with a specialization in Journalism from the Centro Universitário ICESP and a Master's degree in Communication, Art and Culture from the University of Minho. During her master's degree, she developed the dissertation entitled "Crisis Communication Management in the Pandemic and the Impacts on the Organizational Culture of Portuguese Communication Companies". At the same time, she attended the Master Business Administration in ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) at the Brazilian Institute of Capital Markets - IBMEC, which strengthened her scientific learning and encouraged her to deepen her academic knowledge.

Upon entering the PhD in Environment and Sustainability, she has observed the interrelation between the scientific method and the management methodologies adopted by various organizations in the implementation of sustainability processes. This perception suggests the need for scientific advances that bring answers to the various problems of modern society and the implementation of better science communication strategies.

Professionally, she worked as a corporate communication manager in several companies and organizations, especially in political and third sector entities. She was an entrepreneur at the Cultivar Comunicação Integrada agency for eight years, serving clients in Brazil and Portugal and being a manager of strategic projects in marketing, advertising and digital communication.

Her mission is to contribute to the integration between the academic and organizational fields, developing research and contributions that support the advancement of public policies with social and environmental impact.