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Societal engagement, outreach and thought leadership

CENSE members have long been thought leaders in environmental and sustainability management, first in Portugal, and now internationally. They have developed analytical tools, supported policy-making, and were present in first tier international forums, both at the European and Global level. CENSE members have been interviewed and their work featured hundreds of times by all key Portuguese media, and several leading international outlets.

For example, CENSE members are leaders in two key Portuguese Environmental Non-governmental Organizations – ZERO and GEOTA – with a strong influence in public opinion towards environmental and sustainability issues. They have outreached to the broader society via media (e.g. newspapers, radio and TV) and many invitations as guest speakers in conferences and other events.

CENSE promotes public and stakeholder engagement through a “science with and for society” approach, which is reflected in the collaborative and co-creation features of numerous R&D projects. For example, in BONEX, CENSE explores nature-based solutions for water-energy-food-ecosystem nexus issues with engagement of intersectoral stakeholder groups in the Alentejo region. Strong connections between science and society are also nurtured through citizen participation and outreach initiatives. For instance, CENSE promotes public capacitation and training in the eGROUNDWATER project, wherein over 200 high-school students engaged in groundwater monitoring and citizen science programs. Other highlights include digital and physical platforms like the GREEN MENU, for sustainable building renovations, and TRANSITION POINT’s energy poverty mobile one-stop shop.