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Knowledge and Technology Transfer

CENSE has always cherished the social and economic valorisation of the knowledge produced by engaging in knowledge transfer activities and encouraging the development of spin-off companies for market uptake of research outputs. Several successful spin-off companies have emerged from CENSE's activities (e.g., AROMNI, The Inventors, Explora Inc., TUGA Innovations, 2eco, and RegenIntel). For example, TUGA Innovations, a Canadian-based company with R&D and manufacturing in Portugal, offers innovative electrical micro-vehicles for sustainable mobility. RegenIntel, a global advisory consultancy, develops solutions for climate and sustainability targets in line with regenerative principles. 

CENSE was also involved in various co-funded projects bridging the gap between research and the market (e.g., WinDeprot, SSD-Alfama, and SUSHI), as well as ideation activities such as CLIMATHON (EIT Climate-KIC). CENSE is committed to developing targeted, industry-driven research that contributes to market advancements, through promotion of innovation hubs (e.g., HUB-IN, on transformation of historic urban areas; and EPAH).

CENSE drives sustainable and efficient technological solutions, from remediation and pollution control to monitoring, resource recovery, pest management, and the Internet of Everything.  For example, the RESOLUTION Lab supported development of technologies and contract projects with industry partners, while fostering sharing of knowledge and ideas from research to market.