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Impact on Policies

CENSE plays a pivotal role in science-policy interfaces, providing evidence-based recommendations to policymakers, as well as collaborating in formulation and evaluation of environmental and sustainability policies across multiple scales. For example, support to development of national public policies in the past six years is illustrated with studies conducted for governmental organizations underpinning the National Strategy for Green Public Procurement 2030, the National Energy and Climate Plan (2021- 2030), the Portuguese Carbon Neutrality Roadmap 2050, the Strategic Environmental Monitoring/Follow-up of the Sustainability and Efficient Use of Resources Operational Program, and policy instrument mixes for Payment for Biodiversity Conservation and Ecosystem Services in Rural Landscapes.

Additionally, CENSE members are involved in high-level advisory committees (e.g., National Council for Environment and Sustainable Development; Partnership Commissions of Public Water Systems). At the European level, CENSE has participated in projects for DG REFORM on Green Tax Reform and Integrated Wildland Fire Management. CENSE is also responsible for the scientific coordination of the EU Energy Poverty Advisory Hub (EPAH), a platform of energy poverty expertise that directly supports the European Commission.  

With the creation of the Associate Laboratory CHANGE – Institute for Global Change and Sustainability, CENSE has leveraged, together with MED and cE3c, the capacity to foster collaborative research underpinning science-based design and evaluation of public policies. This is illustrated with initiatives developed with PlanAPP – the Portuguese Public Administration Centre for Planning, Policies and Prospective Competences. Additionally, CENSE participation in Think Sustainable Europe – a pan-European network of renowned sustainability think tanks – has further amplified influence on policymakers across the continent with joint analyses and recommendations on key sustainability policies, such as the EU Green Deal.