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Advanced Training

One of the most important contributions from CENSE is its role in education, shaping the minds of a significant number of undergraduate and graduate students that are now sustainability innovators and leaders in a diverse set of organizations all over the World. CENSE has always nurtured a culture of early involvement of undergraduate and MSc students in research activities, encouraging them to embrace innovative and risky research topics, to publish their research and to engage in international networks. For example, the work by Zulian et al. (2018) illustrates high impact research where two MSc students co-authored a paper by an international team in a leading publication in the field.

Furthermore, in the past six years, 49 PhD and 189 MSc students finished their degrees under the supervision of CENSE researchers. Former CENSE PhD students are now in charge of Global Sustainability Programs at Google and Amazon, lead research projects at ESA, and research groups at Max Planck and other international institutions. These former students are an important part of CENSE’s ecosystem and extended network of collaborations.