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Pedro Correia


Pedro Correia holds a MSc degree in Environmental Engineering by the Instituto Politécnico de Beja. Currently, he is a PhD student in the PhD Program on Marine, Earth and Environmental Sciences, with specialization in Environmental Sciences and Technology, at the University of Algarve. His current research interests focus on study eco-innovative processes for wastewater sludge treatment that maximizes their reuse. He studies processes such as solar drying and phytoremediation. Pedro is co-author of a paper in a peer-reviewed international journal, co-author of national patent applications and author/co-author of communications in the areas of wastewater treatment and reuse. Recently, as a research fellow, he has participated in a project of treatment and reuse of agro-industrial wastewaters.

- Projectos:

(2021-2024). GREEN DUNE – Projecto Iceland, Liechetenstein, Norway Grants, Blue Growth, Innovation and SME, EEA.BG.CALL1.027.2019.

(2020-2023). eGROUNDWATER - Citizen science and ICTbased enhanced information systems for groundwater. PRIMA SECTION 1 2019 MANAGEMENT OF WATER RIA: 1.1.1 Sustainable groundwater management in water-stressed Mediterranean areas. EU PRIMA – Partnership for Research and Innovation in the Mediterranean Area. Programme financed through a combination of funding from  Participating States and EU Horizon 2020.