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Technology Transfer

CENSE has always cherished the social and economic valorisation of the knowledge produced by engaging in knowledge transfer activities and encouraging the development of spin-off companies for market uptake of research outputs. Several such companies have already emerged as a result of CENSE’s activities in the past years, such as YDreams, Ynvisible, Lasting Values and 2eco. 

For example, YDreams, an augmented and virtual reality company, is a spin-off from CENSE that is the result of the research work presented in Antonio Câmara's book "Environmental Systems" published by Oxford University Press in 2002. Ynvisible produces the lowest energy consuming displays in the World. 2eco promotes transfer of knowledge and uptake by end-users of results generated by research on ecological economics and environmental management.

CENSE also leads the EIT RIS Climate-KIC Hub Portugal to promote climate innovation. Since 2016, it has been involved in co-funded projects to bridge research to the market (SSD-Alfama), ideation activities (CLIMATHON) and international summer school (Journey).